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It's Really Rampart EP


Snow Nerds is back at it with their second release, It's Really Rampart EP. This EP, with undeniable grooves, mesmerizing textures, and characteristic humor, showcases the unique chemistry and the stylistic flexibility of the quartet. The release will be accompanied by a Wednesday residency at ETA Highland Park this February.


The vibrant experimental rock quartet Snow Nerds has its roots in the Los Angeles improvised music scene. Their music is filled with devilish hooks, hard-hitting instrumental performances, thought-provoking compositions, and no shortage of absurdist humor. With Jake Sucher's playful guitar, Anna Butterss' adaptive bass, Ted Taforo's wild sax, and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley's sculptor-ly drumming, Snow Nerds dons the possibilty of a new positive energy in motion. 



Voted The Deli LA's local band of the month July 2017

"Snow Nerds has a bright, zippy sound and a warm sense of humor...[they] have an excellent rapport, and Sucher’s knotty melodies leave plenty of room for some excellent improvisation.”
-Lee Rice Epstein,

"Recipe for “Snow Nerds” ….. start with a little hip hop á la Ornette Coleman, add some elements of Weather Report, a little sprinkling of punk just for attitude, and top off with a little bit of Frank Zappaesque humor. This band will have you smiling and scratching your head!”
-Larry Koonse, Jazz Guitarist


Since their formation in fall of 2015, Snow Nerds has performed at many venues throughout Los Angeles including Bootleg Theater, bluewhale, Art Share LA, and Ham and Eggs Tavern. In June 2017 they released their debut album Gup Life on Orenda Records. 

At the heart of Snow Nerds is the musical history of saxophonist Ted Taforo and guitarist Jake Sucher. The pair have been writing music and performing together since their days in music school years ago. In 2015 Sucher and Taforo joined forces with the explosive rhythm section of bassist Anna Butterss and drummer Jesse Quebbeman-Turley. As individuals the band members are emerging staples of LA music, with Butterss appearing with Dick Oates, Bob Mintzer, and Jeff Parker, and Taforo getting performance and writing credits on Spoon's Hot Thoughts.